The real queen of Napels. Kneaded with carefully selected flour, which has leavened for at least 18 hours and is baked at a temperature of over 400 degrees in an typical traditional Neapolitan oven


We are pleased to offer our guests the pasta from the company Dieciprimi of Torre Annunziata, one of the very few places where pasta is still made in a traditional way for which Torre Annunziata is famous. Completely in line with our philosophy, Dieciprimi applies the same values of supremacy of taste and quality


We are pleased to offer our guests Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP from Caseificio Iemma. The Caseificio Iemma is known for its family tradition of more than 100 years in producing this exquisite product near Salerno. For us this is an important product which evidences the good taste from the Campania region.


We offer our guests two very different types of extra virgin olive oil. Both meeting our high standards of quality and both made in an organic agricultural way. One from the hills of Loano and one from the hills of Cerreto Sannita